1. If you give your man head and then take your mouth away just when he starts to are a dumb bitch!
  2. If you think that a lotion you buy on t.v. will "burn your fat away" are a dumb bitch!
  3. If you dress sexy and have nice body and then say to your friends, "..and this total dweeb was checking me out...I mean, I don't know why!" are a dumb bitch!
  4. If you make your man excited and then say, "I'm tired, let's go to sleep" are a dumb bitch!
  5. If you think all a guy wants is a are a dumb bitch! (Sure, they're good when you're down, but who wants a slut for a girlfriend or wife?)
  6. If everything you do only gives your man one more reason to want to leave you, but you think he'll stay because you've got the are a dumb bitch!
  7. If you teach your man to be nice by denying him are a dumb bitch!
  8. If you use your body and looks to get everything you are a dumb bitch!
  9. If you tell your man that he is yours alone and he is the best ever, but cheat on are a dumb bitch!
  10. If you are a dumb bitch!
  11. If you tell your husband that you want to fix things between you two and then go out and sleep with another are a dumb bitch!
  12. If you don't realize that the way to a man's heart is through his are a dumb bitch!
  13. If you fuck every man that comes along without checking for diseases, are a dumb bitch!
  14. If you will give plenty of head before marriage and none are a dumb bitch!
  15. If you read all the articles about having better sex, etc, but don't implement are a dumb bitch!
  16. If you love your man and don't show him and tell are a dumb bitch!
  17. If you try to change your man after you are are a dumb bitch! (he's never going to change!)
  18. If you buy car insurance and think that means you can hit anything you are a dumb bitch!
  19. If you make your man get rid of his Star Wars/Star Trek/Comic Book/Cheesy Poster/Etc are a dumb bitch!
  20. If you have a newer model car and then lock your children in the trunk everyday because you can't afford a are a dumb bitch!
  21. If you have a Santa Clause fetish and make your man dress up as Santa for sex, then when you're done with him go to all the stores and malls and pick up strangers dressed as Santa (during the holidays) for're a dumb crazy bitch!
  22. If you read your horoscope and it says that you will meet the man of your dreams that day and then sleep with every guy you are a dumb bitch!
  23. If you write checks all over town, without balancing your are a dumb bitch! 
  24. If your purpose in life is to get rid of So-And-So's girlfriend so you can have him for your are a dumb bitch! 
  25. If you keep yourself undeniably sexy,a godess by all means, before marriage and then once married let yourself go (No makeup, no sexy clothing, and gain 100lbs of extra weight and expect your man to find you just as attractive) are a dumb bitch!
  26. If you get your boyfriend ready for sex and then tell him you are on your are a dumb bitch! 
  27. If you think you can't be are a dumb bitch! 
  28. If you talk to guys about other girls just to hurt their are a dumb bitch! 
  29. If you tell your man that he should change, and then when he changes complain about things not being the way they were are a dumb bitch! 
  30. If you flirt with guys and they ask you out but you refuse are a dumb bitch!
  31. If you leave your man sitting at home for hours while you party with your are a dumb bitch! 
  32. If you tell your man you love him and he's the only one for you then hang all over some other guy in front of are a dumb bitch! 
  33. If you lecture your friends about pre-marital sex and then start shacking up in a trailer with a guy you've only known for a are a dumb bitch! 
  34. If you are with a guy who beats you regularly, humiliates you in public, and forces you to have sex whether you want to or not, and you say you can't leave him because you love him and it's not his fault, that he is just under a lot of stress lately and you are responsible for making him angry enough to treat you like are a dumb bitch! 
  35. If your girlfriend allows fooling around to graduate to near-penetration, then just when the tip of your dick is tickling her pubes, she says she just wanted to "fool around" are a dumb, cruel bitch! 
  36. If you visit a website about being a dumb bitch, then start getting all bitchy at the same time swearing none of the item listed apply to are a dumb bitch!
  37. If you go out with a guy to get to his best are a dumb bitch!
  38. If you have the perfect body and complain about your weight and then you go starve yourself and then look like are a dumb bitch! 
  39. If you are only friends with some chick, because you want to get with her are a dumb bitch! 
  40. If you are in a completely sexual relationship with a nasty guy, and you get pregnant, then try to have sex with a nice guy so that you can blame the baby on him so that your baby will have a better are a dumb bitch! 
  41. If you talk behind all your friends and your boyfriends back just so you'll feel better about are a dumb bitch! 
  42. If you rip off your boyfriend in every single date and never want to share with him a single penny even though you know that he doesn't have a are a dumb bitch!
  43. If you break up with your boyfriend and then about three days to a week later get back together with him because "you miss his family because they've been very nice to you" (I know someone who had, excuse me, has a girlfriend who did this once, actually twice) are a dumb bitch!
  44. If you sleep with an someone else's boyfriend and tell her what a great couple they make and still try to be her are a dumb bitch! 
  45. If you demand that your husband works two jobs because you "dont have any money" but cant get off your own lazy ass and get a job to help things are a dumb bitch! 
  46. If you are rude and mean to someone just because they want their property back (such as school books, cloths or boyfriends) are a dumb bitch! 
  47. If you get back together with an ex and then are shocked when it doesn't work out and complain to your friends about it when they warned you what would happen cuz everyone knows your relationship ended for a are a dumb bitch! 
  48. If you have are a dumb bitch!
  49. If you expect a man to pay your way in life... you are a dumb bitch!.. go out and get a job bitch!
  50. If you turn down a nice guy then cry to him because someone cheated on are a dumb bitch!
  51. If you're overweight but don't are a dumb bitch!
  52. A guy spends $100 on a nice fancy restaurant and when you get home you say you're too full for are an expensive bitch!
  53. If you cry that all your relationships with men don't "work out", but only chase married men screwing around on their are a dumb bitch!
  54. If a girl says, "I want to show you my panties" but its too dark outside to see are a dumb bitch!

Clarification here-

We don't all really hate dumb bitches. Some of the things listed would work out for a lot of guys. If you are not committed to a woman, some would be VERY nice for a guy. If you are committed to a woman and she does these things, they can be the end.

Now, some of these things may seem a bit strong and women out there are probably yelling about them. But read them and read them again. If they aren't the reason you're divorced now (or going to be soon), then you are not a bitch. The rest of it again and learn from it.

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